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Suprovat Sydney: A platform to rejuvenate

You may start your day in a calmer way by using the Bengali expression “Suprovat,” which means “Good Morning.” We all know that a pleasant morning is made up of various things, but it is enjoyed by the majority of people. This was validated in 2018 by a highly scientific Twitter poll. Since 2009, the

You may start your day in a calmer way by using the Bengali expression “Suprovat,” which means “Good Morning.”

We all know that a pleasant morning is made up of various things, but it is enjoyed by the majority of people. This was validated in 2018 by a highly scientific Twitter poll.

Since 2009, the “Suprovat Sydney,” Australia’s most popular Bangladeshi community publication, has been seeking to transmit this inner tranquilly via the use of this one-of-a-kind phrase as well as all of its resources. Suprovat Sydney is the only reputable Bangladeshi community newspaper in Australia (www.suprovatsydney.com.au)

The editor in chief of Suprovat Sydney, Abdullah Yousuf Shamim, always has a vision of bringing inner peace to multicultural Australian society through assuring harmony. That was one of the main motives he consented to assume the responsibility of publishing this community newspaper in the first place.

“It is a universal reality that 100 years ago, none of us were here, and 100 years from now, none of us will exist in this planet,” Abdullah adds, “However, we must do a lot of good things in a short period of time to guarantee peace and harmony in our multicultural community.”

Perhaps it was the initial impetus for the Australian Bangladeshi community newspaper “Suprovat Sydney” to begin publication in 2009.”

The articles in this newspaper have always stressed the need to appreciate various cultures. Suprovat Sydney’s whole team has been working to build a bridge of friendship amongst diverse ethnic groups in this heterogeneous culture.

As a result, the Suprovat Sydney family has been working together on the same platform to strengthen the community, improve the lives of future generations, and transform Australia into the safest nation on this planet.

Since its inception, Suprovat Sydney has been working with members of the community and other federal and state authorities to deliver better services to the community.

Suprovat Sydney is also regarded as the community’s voice because of its originality and constancy in vision and mission. Its goals, approaches, and publications are likewise distinctive from several perspectives.

Suprovat Sydney is Australia’s first community newspaper with an “International Standard Serial Number” (ISSN). This ISSN is assigned to authorised Australian serial publications produced in Australia by Australian publishers.

Suprovat Sydney is also the first Bangladeshi community newspaper in Australia to declare that its publication is devoid of plagiarised content. As a result, Suprovat Sydney has earned the trust of its stakeholders as a credible leader in its cohort, and it has marched on with that banner of honour for more than a decade.

Suprovat Sydney has over 60,000 fans and hosts Readers’ Forums in different places across the globe. It includes contributions from authors from all across the world.

In February 2015, Suprovat Sydney released its first edited book, “Suprovat Sahitya Samagrah 01,” with the permission of its regular authors. Dr Anisuzzaman, an educationist, unveiled the book’s cover during the Dhaka Ekushe Book Fair in February 2015.

The book ‘Suprovat Sahitya Samagrah 01′ was dedicated to every Bangladeshi man and woman who tries to protect this language in honour of International Mother Language Day. Following the Dhaka Ekhushe Book Fair, the book received a lot of positive feedback in Kolkata Book Fair.

Suprovat Sydney hosts special seminars to enhance awareness of the many sorts of social awareness that everyone in society enjoys. These sessions are organised in collaboration with the local police and city council authorities. The Suprovat Sydney team has been recognised by the local government administration for their efforts on many occasions.

Suprovat Sydney also offers a variety of community services, which are advertised in the newspaper on a regular basis to encourage community members to seek them out.

It includes, but is not limited to, services of justice of the peace (JP), advice on VISA, employment, rental, and student admission, immigration for new settlers, advice on Shariah by appropriate Muslim scholars, assistance with Islamic funerals and burial services, marriage commemorations, any kind of legal advice through appropriate solicitors, advice on proper halal food, providing a list of male and female Bengali-speaking doctors, various legal help for international students, advice on proper halal food, various legal help for international students.

Moreover, Suprovat Sydney also provides advice on unfair dismissal through proper personnel, advice on workers’ compensation, legal advice on medical negligence, and advice on victim’s compensation.

Suprovat Sydney just finished professional development workshops in July 2021. The free seminars hosted by Suprovat Sydney, which were primarily supported by the Multicultural NSW, drew over 100 attendees from 75 different organisations.

The Editor in Chief of Suprovat Sydney, Abdullah Yousuf Shamim, was the driving factor behind this successful series of seminars. Six sessions were held between Sunday, July 11 and Friday, July 30. After the first advertisement, the free workshop’s registration limit was rapidly filled.

The excitement of the participants astounded the organizers. In such a short length of time, the personal biographies of all of the notable keynote speakers enthralled all of the attendees. The speakers’ speeches fascinated all of the guests. The participants have sent numerous emails and letters of congratulations to Suprovat Sydney. These are all only a flavor of the source of Suprovat Sydney Team’s inspiration to work for the community.

Suprovat’s journey, however, was not always easy. On its journey to success, the team had to go through a lot of ups and downs. Suprovat Sydney community members and well-wishers were astonished to learn that about a decade ago, one of Australia’s leading printed media published a malicious fake piece about the Editor in Chief, Abdullah.

The whole process of the defamation action was not smooth at all. Abdullah fought back, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses. As a result, the Suprovat Sydney team obtained the expertise necessary to comprehend the community’s sentiments and what precisely has to be done to assist them with their needs. They believe that they have already obtained enough experience in order to become the community’s voice.

Suprovat Sydney has a number of distinctive features that the Australian Bangladeshi community is aware of. Even after being badly hit by the pandemic, it is today the only Bengali community newspaper that continues to publish in a printed form.

These printed versions are given on a regular basis across Australia’s different states. For more than a decade, this newspaper has covered local community news, including several investigative reports on the community.

Suprovat Sydney has its own YouTube channel where it broadcasts local and political news together with online edition that receives an average of 2,000 visits every day.

Suprovat Sydney really feels proud for all of its family members as like as the rest of the community. All of them are really in amity who wants to utter their slogan together for good:

Suprovat Sydney is the podium to rejuvenate;

Unbelievably focused and we’re the great!

Promised to abolish clash, fight and hate;

Righteous platform – we’re resolute to set.

Our pledge is to turn into the best mate;

Vivacious friends to open heaven’s gate;

Advising community not to rely on fate-

The Suprovat Family is here to invigorate.

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