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It is obligatory for every Muslim to use halal goods and live a halal way of life. Every Muslim in the world tries to eat halal food, use halal goods and adopt a halal lifestyle. In this regard, work is being done in the Islamic countries of the world. In almost every Islamic country, departments

It is obligatory for every Muslim to use halal goods and live a halal way of life. Every Muslim in the world tries to eat halal food, use halal goods and adopt a halal lifestyle. In this regard, work is being done in the Islamic countries of the world.

In almost every Islamic country, departments or centers have been established to check halal products at the official or unofficial level, but in reality, most of the halal centers focus on the use of halal meat. is limited. In many Islamic countries where corruption is common, halal centers have made issuing halal certificates a source of income. In many Islamic countries, a halal certificate is issued after completing a few basic requirements. Every year many big and rich countries also organize halal conferences and exhibitions in which halal product manufacturers display their products. Halal goods and services are a global industry because there are more than two Arab Muslims in the world. Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are countries where regular Halal Centers are established under the supervision of the government whose job is to ensure that the product is safe from food to consumption in the market. Everything is halal. How much work is being done on this and whether the halal products available in the market in each country are really halal, there is still a lot of thinking and work to be done.

In this regard, the Muslim educators, professors, scientists, technicians, and scholars of Thailand have done a great job. Thailand is a non-Islamic country where Muslims are only twenty percent of the total population. Nevertheless, the world’s first Halal Science Center was established in 2003 at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s oldest university, by Thai Muslim scholars, scientists, educators, and scholars. The credit for its establishment goes to Prof. Dr. Vinay Dahlan, the founder of the Halal Center. Professor Dahlan University came up with the idea of the Halal Center when he was a lecturer in applied health science at the university. He then worked tirelessly to convince the university administration that the consumption of halal products was part of the Muslim religion and that as Thailand is a multicultural and multi-religious country, the government, academic institutions and business circles It should be passed. Dr. Vinay then formed a team of influential Islamic leaders, religious scholars, muftis, and highly educated Africans from Thailand to organize an Islamic organization in this regard. In this regard, a petition was sent to the King and Government of Thailand that a halal center should be established in Thailand to ensure the availability of halal products for the Muslims of Thailand and the products marketed as halal in Thailand. I am sure they are really halal. In this regard, a laboratory in Applied Health Science was established in 1995 with the aim of testing the halal products available in the market to ensure that they are indeed completely halal and prepared through the halal process. are going In the initial years, the laboratory was working on a limited scale due to lack of financial budget.

Through the efforts of Dr. Dahlan, a resolution for the establishment of Halal Centers was presented in the Federal Cabinet in 1993. Finally, after a lot of struggle and continuous dedication, the Federal Cabinet passed this bill between 2004 and 2006, and the Halal Science Center at Chulalongkorn University was established. The establishment approval was obtained. Since then, the teamwork of Dr. Prof. Vinay Dahlan, Prof. Pakorn Priyakorn, and several university Muslim professors established the Halal Science Center at Chulalongkorn University. Today, this Halal Science Center has more than fifty staff including professors, scientists, and technologists. The Halal Science Center has a program from graduation to Master and Ph.D., from which a large number of young people are working in the Halal industry with degrees in Halal Science. The Halal Science Laboratory conducts research on the halal quality of the halal products available in the market on a daily basis and issues halal certificates. The Halal Science Center has more than two hundred advanced scientific instruments, most of which have been invented by Halal Center scientists. In the Halal Center, important departments such as Halal Forensic Laboratory, Business Incubator of Halal Products, Halal Food and Nutrition Alert are working, in addition to this, in the last fifteen years, Halal Center has established many Halal Center branches in other cities as well. Checks goods and supervises the Halal business industry and facilitates them in every way.

Dr. Vinay Dahlan organized the International Halal Conference in 2014 to disseminate the latest technology and research to the Halal industry in the world. Muslim scholars, professors, researchers, Islamic scholars, Muslim journalists, halal event organizers, and writers are invited to this conference. The name of this conference is Thailand Halal Assembly. Important international speakers, scholars, heads of the halal business industry and organizers of halal events, senior Muslim journalists, and writers have participated in this two-to-three-day conference. At the conference, speakers address Halal industry, Halal goods and services, Halal research and higher education, modern works on Halal technology, and their need.

This year the Thailand Halal Assembly 2022 was held at the Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University on the 15th and 16th of December 2022. About thirty speakers from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Gambia, Algeria, France, Poland, and Australia participated in this conference. Fifteen different sessions were held in the two-day conference, in which around thirty speakers spoke on important topics such as Halal industry, technology, Halal international trade, Halal travel and tourism, Halal higher education, Halal modern technology, Halal media, and film production. and presented their recommendations.

 Although Thailand is a non-Islamic country, but the high minds of twenty percent of the Muslims there have proved to the Islamic world that if one makes tireless efforts and hard work to follow the path of Allah and the Sharia of Islam, then Allah Almighty will Make the impossible possible. The way Thailand’s top Muslim intellectuals, scholars, Islamic leaders, scientists, and researchers have introduced Islamic practices and life into Thailand is underappreciated. Thailand Halal Science Center is not only a role model for many major Islamic countries of the world but also a lesson on what Muslims should spend their time on in today’s modern scientific and technological era.

[This article is one of the speakers of the conference, he is an international journalist, writer, speaker and presenter]

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