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Sydney South Shapla Shaluk Lions club celebrated 2022 year ending dinner.

– সুপ্রভাত সিডনি রিপোর্ট -Thu, Dec 29, 2022 Sydney South Shapla Shaluk Lions club, the one & only Bangladeshi Lions Club in Australia, celebrated it’s 2022 year ending dinner & the “51st victory of Bangladesh” on 19th December at Parra villa function Centre at Parramatta, Sydney. It was a spectacular gathering attended by guests from various ethnic communities

– সুপ্রভাত সিডনি রিপোর্ট -Thu, Dec 29, 2022

Sydney South Shapla Shaluk Lions club, the one & only Bangladeshi Lions Club in Australia, celebrated it’s 2022 year ending dinner & the “51st victory of Bangladesh” on 19th December at Parra villa function Centre at Parramatta, Sydney.

It was a spectacular gathering attended by guests from various ethnic communities and professions, “freedom fighters of Bangladeshi liberation war of 1971” living in Sydney, dignitaries from various social welfare organizations, politicians, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, journalists, and delegates from Lion districts & Shapla Shaluk Lions Club members.

Hon. Clr Dona Davis, Lord mayor of the City of Parramatta attended as the chief guest & Hon Clr Sameer Pandey, the deputy Lord Mayor of the city of Parramatta as the special guest. The event was presided over by Shapla Shaluk Lions Club President Dr Moinul Islam. The Masters of Ceremony were Dr Farzana & Amir Mustavi.

The event formally started at 7pm when the guests took their seat on the stage. Australian and Bangladeshi National Anthems were played & everyone stood up in respect. This was followed by an Acknowledgment of County, with Mrs Narelle Holden of the “Aniwan” tribe performing an Aboriginal Welcome Song. Soon after that, the guests stood for a one-minute silence in respect in honour of the martyrs of the 1971 Bangladeshi Liberation War.

The address of welcome was presented by Lion Dr Masud Parvez, executive member of Shapla Shaluk Lions Club. He greeted and welcomed all the guests joining the event. He briefly spoke about the history of origin of the club & the meaning of the club’s name – Shapla Shaluk.

The Secretary’s report was presented by Lion Elius Chowdhury, the secretary of the club. He highlighted different projects undertaken by the club.

A full financial report was then presented by Lion Saiful Hoque, CPA & JP, treasurer of the Shapla Shaluk Lions Club. He explained the fund raiser status, financials of different projects & the audit process of the club.

In her speech, Chief guest Hon Lord Mayor Clr Donna Davis thanked the Lions club for inviting her. She praised the club for all the great projects undertaken over the years, describing how Lions International are contributing significantly to the good of humanity through them. She aligned this with the good things she has done for Parramatta and its citizens during her Mayorship, and gave assurance that these efforts will continue.

Following this, special guest Hon Deputy Lord Mayor Clr Sameer Pandey stated that the City of Parramatta is one of the best cities in Australia due to its exemplar multiculturalism. He asserted that heintends to continue supporting the multiculturalism of our community.

Lion Vin Pan, the District Governor, congratulated the Shapla Shaluk Lions Club for all the projects it has undertaken. He assured that the 2015N district will continue to support the Lions Club.

Mr Vaikom Sundar Rajeev, Principal of Rudra Legal Corporation (Criminal & commercial Lawyers), the legal associate and sponsor of Shapla Shaluk Lions Club, spoke afterwards. In his speech, he congratulated the Club’s efforts towards charitable causes & asserted his continued support for good causes.

Following this, Lion Dr Moinul Islam, President of the club & the chairperson of the event, took to the stage to speak. He thanked & praised the guests for their attendance and appealed for their ongoing support for the Lions club. After praising the honorable mayor and deputy mayor for their continued support for the club, he emphasized how all humans are the same in their respect and dignity, regardless of ethnicity, complexion, gender, and religion.

Lion Dr Moinul explained the different projects undertaken by the club over the last 9 years, which include:

*Financial & medical support for socially disadvantaged patients

*Food for Hunger

*Fight for sight

*Flood victim support

*Shelter for the homeless

*Antidomestic violence campaign

*Multifaith, multicultural Iftar Parties

*Repatriation of socially disadvantaged deceased individuals in Australia (across the states)

He highlighted his dream towards establishing a nursing home for Bangladeshi elders in Sydney, the first of its kind, and he emphasized how he hopes it will positively affect the Bangladeshi Community.

Lion Dr Moinul lauded the efforts of the Bangladeshi community to help crowdsource funds for Shapla Shaluk projects while highlighting that a much bigger difference can be made with the help of governmental funding. He mentioned that while many non-profit organizations receive financial support from “local, state or federal government” levels, Shapla Shaluk Lions Club has never received any such funding.

Finally, he praised the freedom fighters and highlighted their sacrifices towards liberating Bangladesh. Stressing his belief that people who cannot respect their ancestors cannot respect themselves, he promised that the Shapla Shaluk Lions Club will always uphold the respect & dignity of Bangladeshi freedom fighters.

Other respected speakers in the event were:

*Kazi Ali, Chairman of Muslim Cemeteries Board & “Order of Australia Medal” recipient for 2022

*Hasina Hoque (Respected Freedom Fighter, reputed social worker, a voice for women empowerment & President of MSKS)

*Lion Ron Gattone, PDG District 201N5 Australia & guide Lion for the club

*Lion Paul Mclnnes- DG elect, District 201N5 -2023

*Dr Sunil Vyaz, President of United Indian Association

*Dr Ayaz Chowdhury- Chairman of the staff Council of Auburn Hospital & founder President of FBMSA.

The Shapla Shaluk Lions Club then formally received the respected “freedom fighters, the heroes of Bangladeshi liberation war” with special gifts & mementos. The freedom fighters present at the event include:

– Enayetur Rahim Belal

-Dr Abdur Rashid Alamgir

-Dr Habibur Rahman Biswas

-Apel Mahmood

-K M Sirajul Hoque

-Abul Hashem Mridha

-Hasina Hoque (Reputed social worker, a voice for women empowerment & President of MSKS)

Honorable lord mayor & deputy Lord mayor handed over the gifts.

Lion district Governor Vin Pan also presented his Lion pin, bannerette, and other gifts to the freedom fighters on behalf of the district.

The Governor also handed over “District Governor’s Award” to the Club President Dr Moinul Islam, and a special governors pin.

The Lions club President then handed over special memento to the honorable Lord Mayor & Deputy Lord Mayor on behalf of the club.

During the event, the club raised some funds to support autistic children through a newly formed organization.

The event concluded with a delicious traditional dinner followed by music.

The legendary Bangladeshi singer Apel Mahmood (freedom fighter) sang “Bangladeshi Liberation war time songs” that reminded Bangladeshi audience of war time memory. Other singers who performed were Vijay Jogia, Dr Nazmun Nahar & Zaina Hoque (child singer). Special dance by Farzan (Child dancer).

Sound control & music supervision by eminent artist and singer Sameer Rosario,Photography by Md Jahangir , Videography by Fardhin

Overall event management and supervision by Ex-Leo President Samir Mustavi and Lion Lady Shakila Sultana

Among other invited guests the event was attended by:

Lauren Hargraves- Chief operating officer of Catholic cemetery & crematorium board

Armen Mikaellan- Catholic cemetery & crematorium board

Nader Azami- Director, United Turkish Islamic Funeral service

Khaled Almedine- General Manager of Lebanese Muslim Association

Solicitor Tahsin Malek

Lamin Fatty and Ibrahim Sesay of Gambian Isamic Association

Farook Chowdhury and Dr Rafiqul Islam- Bangladeshi community

Jasim Ahmad- Muslim Cemetery board

Asif Mullah- National Zakat Fund

Dr Faizur Reza Emon and Dr Amin Mutasim from Bangladeshi Medical Society of NSW Sanjay Patel- Patel Brothers Harmohan Singh Walia- Secretary Global Organization for people of India NSW editor of Deshi Australia magazine                                                   Olimpic Torch bearer

Harpreet Singh- Panjab Times

Ashwani Sharma- President Hindu Council of Australia

Lion Sunil Amaratunga- IPDG, District 201N5

Lion Rissa Mclnnes- GMT Coordinator, District 201N5 -2023

Lion Mohan Nanayakkara- VDG2 elect District 201N5

Rosemary Coluccio- Senior Practice manager

Norry Norris, Mr Slayman Anwaryar – Marree Connect

Lion Dr Shareef Dowla- Neurologist & Founder President Bangladesh Medical Society of NSW

Zia Ahmad- Editor in chief, Australian Muslim Times

Abul Bashar- Solar World

Shaheed Chowdhury- Harris Park Radiology

Other community & multicultural guests

Shapla Shaluk Lion members

Manjurul Alam, Bangladeshi Senior Citizen of Australia Inc

Md Abdullah Yousuf Shamim- Chief Editor, Suprovat Sydney (The only Bangladeshi Newspaper in Australia).

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